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Things I Learned this Week

Among the things I learned this week:
* Spotify audio quality isn’t as good as I expected, despite knowing the format. I suspect it is a non-issue for most people. (Courtesy: Spotify)

* Weddings benefit from having Baltimore-based attendees: They know how to dance and they play good music. (Courtesy: MLs)

* According to excellent, interesting, insightful, and important research by Byers, Mitzenmacher, and Zervas, daily deals carry a reputational cost to the sponsoring establishment. Specifically, Yelp reviewers who went to an establishment due to a Groupon or LivingSocial coupon, reviewed the establishment 10 percent lower than non-daily deals reviewers. The paper also sheds light and raises questions about the sales dynamics of daily deals and social network effects on these types of sales. I only wish they had better controlled for the Yelp reviews by comparing daily deal establishments with non-daily deal establishments across the same time; not only is this relevant methodologically, but it is also something of interest to me. (Courtesy: Business Insider)

* Reading Rainbow returns as an iOS app! (Courtesy: TUAW)

* Chinese shadow play is cool, but lacks the unmatchable brilliance of gamelan, the music that accompanies Indonesia’s shadow play–wayang kulit. (Courtesy: Tangshan Shadow Puppet Theatre)

* Karen O, like me, is getting into opera. (Courtesy: Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

Things I Learned This Week

Among the things I learned this week:
* Spotify doesn’t allow you to hide your existence/profile. (Courtesy: Spotify)

* North Korea had its first Ultimate Frisbee tournament. (Courtesy: North Korea Economy Watch)

* Google Alerts doesn’t work with filetype searches. (Courtesy: Google Alerts)

* The United States and Canada prohibit gay men donating blood, and a host of other countries have behavioral restrictions on whether a gay man can donate blood. (Courtesy: NYT).

Things I Learned this Week

Among the things I learned this week:

* Despite the Beastie Boys’ suggestion, Jamaica is not a significant producer of mangoes. (Courtesy: FAOSTAT, nicely displayed on Mongabay.com, and University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences)

* Physiocracy. (Courtesy: Car Talk reference; Wikipedia)

* “Package store” is Northern slang for liquor store. (Courtesy: HD)

* Bitrates of various streaming services:
Spotify: Vorbis 160kbps with some at 320kbps if a Premium subscriber
Amazon Cloud Player: MP3 at the rate the file was saved
Pandora: AAC 64kbps and up to 192kbps, depending on subscription
Google Music: play back at the quality of the file, except for FLAC, which is played back as mp3 320kpbs

* Lord of the Rings is “fundamentally religious and Catholic work”, according to Tolkien. (Courtesy: Wikipedia and follow up readings).