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Things I Learned this Week

* There is a Porsche camper van. (Courtesy: Monterey Car Week)

* Conan chewed gum during his first Late Night show. (Courtesy: Team Coco)

* School lunch programs started, at least partially, to ensure enough healthy young men were available for the military. (Courtesy: Dave Philipps/NYT)

Things I Learned this Week

Among the things I learned this week:
* Felled and properly laid trees can stop tanks. (Courtesy: War is Boring)

* Fake wine is a significant issue in the wine world. (Courtesy: Kate Krader/Bloomberg)

* Flying’s nine freedoms. (Courtesy: Paul McClean and Alex Barker/FT)

* Contrary to an earlier Things I Learned this Week post, Brazil does not ban coffee imports. (Courtesy: Joseph Leahy and Emiko Terazono/FT)