I like projects. This is a list of them with relevant links and information. If you’d like more information, contact me.

Jason’s Friendly Thanksgiving / 2001 – present

I host a yearly Thanksgiving for my friends. In addition to being a great time to reconnect and bring people together, I use October to prepare a significant-sized Web site and theme. This effort is an opportunity to learn new skills and try new technical ideas. In the past, I learned CSS, PHP, Bootstrap, green screen and video editing while exploring experimental site designs. The result is an event that those who attend and those who wish they were allowed to attend love and look forward to all year.

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GNT LLC / 2010 – present

Round two of starting my own company has proven successful, and I’ve done it full time since early 2012. GNT LLC is a risk-analysis and data-science company that provides services along the analytical and data spectrum, from providing analysis to training analytical teams to working on data collections and management to manage enterprise analytical and data systems.

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Chapter One / 2012 – present

Chapter One is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that uses big data to address organ-transplant issues from the patient perspective.

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