Retired Projects

These are retired projects. Although I don’t work on these efforts any more, feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

CapitalBop, Inc. / 2011 – 2014

CapitalBop, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to promoting Washington, D.C.’s vibrant, varied, and surprisingly under-appreciated jazz scene. I was on the Board of Directors (2013 – 2014), served as Treasurer (2013 – 2014), and supported and advised the organization starting in 2011.

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Transaction Costs-based Framework for Understanding Populism / 2011 – 2012

Dr. Emilia Zankina and I developed a framework drawing upon several tangentially related subfields to better understand the dynamics, ebb, and flow of populist movements.

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Demolition Derby / 2010

After years of hopes and plans, 2010 was the year of the demolition derby. With a donated car, a party bus of supportive friends and family, four corporate partners, a carload of tech, and enough nerves to gun it when forced into a head-on collision, I successfully executed a five-month preparation period and 20 seconds of crashtastic fun. We also raised food and money for two non-profits.

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Green Screening and Video Editing / 2009 – 2010

I explored green screen and video editing techniques. Each video built on the last, exploring a different technique, advance, or idea. I use these skills in other projects and for work.

Relevant Links: Videos, equipment, and work-area photos available upon request

The Tree Outside My Window / 2006

This is two-phase project with Michael. The first phase is to record a spoken word album; this phase is now complete. The second phase of the project–originally and still named Welcome to Detroit–is to accompany a selection of those poems to music; Ursprung Collective has taken up this project, beginning in 2011.

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Koepke, Jason R. and Nils Ringe, . The Second-Order Election Model in an Enlarged Europe. European Union Politics 7 (3), 321-346 / 2004 – 2006

On 1 May 2004, the European Union (EU) welcomed its new member states from Central and Eastern Europe. This paper considers to what extent one of the most widely tested and supported theories of voting behavior in Western Europe, the second-order election model, applies in the enlarged EU. We test the model using election data from the new member states and find that voters do not cast protest votes against their incumbent national governments in second-order elections, that is, elections where voters believe little to be at stake. This finding contradicts one of the model’s basic propositions and runs counter to the empirical reality in the old member states, with potentially significant implications for inter- and intra-institutional politics in the EU.

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Fasc-Un Newsletter / Winter 2005/2006

I started a fashion-related newsletter in the voice of Cosmo for a few of my female friends. The email distribution list quickly grew to almost 100 within a few weeks, and there was talk of trying to turn it into a column in local papers. Applying one of the best lessons my parents taught me, I stopped while I was having fun (and after I accomplished my goal).

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Just Turtles / 2005

Just Turtles was a three-member band creating some rather depressing, but at times amusing, music. A four-song EP is half finished, with the last two tracks needing to be re-recorded and mixed.

Relevant Links: songs and lyrics available upon request

Russian and East European Graduate Student Conference, University of Pittsburgh / 2003 – 2004

Founded and presided over an annual graduate student conference, recruited team of co-organizers, and chaired the all-graduate student organizing committee. The conference organizers’ responsibilities included marketing, concept and theme development, catering, housing, and supply procurement. The conference was deemed an unqualified success with more than seventy submissions from across North America and Europe. These submissions were double-blind reviewed and 29 graduate students were invited to present (March 5-6, 2004). The conference has been an annual event ever since and attracts participants from around the world.

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European and Eurasian Interest Group, University of Pittsburgh / 2003 – 2004

Co-founder and President of a graduate student group that was established to (1) create a forum where graduate students in all different disciplines, studying all different things, and at all different stages in their education can come to exchange notes, news, and research ideas and (2) to organize and host an annual graduate student conference (see above). The organization, with a changed name, continues to be active.

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Janus / 2000 – 2001

Co-founder and co-editor of the first undergraduate history research journal at the University of Maryland. We wanted to create an opportunity for undergraduate students to engage in the same types of research and discussions that graduate students and faculty do. Submissions were accepted only from undergraduates and were double-blind reviewed by members of the editorial board. We lobbied and worked with faculty to secure an office, office equipment, and a small budget. Issues were semesterly. The journal continues off and on with new editorial staff.

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Maryland Parliamentary Debate Society, University of Maryland / 1997 – 2000

Co-founder, Secretary (Spring 1999), and President (Fall 1999) of the first parliamentary debate society/team at University of Maryland, College Park. Responsibilities included recruiting members, developing and securing a budget, and hosting an annual (sometimes semi-annual) two-day tournament with more than 50 participants, plus judges and spectators. Tournaments are held every weekend during the academic year up and down the East Coast. The team, although it started out small, has grown tremendously and been incredibly successful.

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Trails from the Past, Paint Branch Elementary School, Prince George’s County, Maryland / 1999 – 2000

Once a week instruction of 6th graders to link and incorporate concepts of history, music, government, and art to ideas of diversity using the students’ backgrounds.

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One through Ten / 1998

One Through Ten is an album worked on through most of 1998 by Dave Gibson and myself. Dave rapped and we co-produced the tracks, using what little equipment I had at the time (a laptop, one turntable, tape deck, Radioshack mic, lots of records).

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