About Me

Welcome to Jason Koepke‘s—that’s me!—digital flagship location!

I’m curious and driven, with a strong dislike for being stumped. This makes me eager to learn and apply new ways of thinking to problem solving. At the same time, observing/seeing others’ elegant solutions and sincere efforts excites me. A lot of what I do, therefore, is work with others to make what we have more and find new ways forward.

I’ve been fortunate enough to apply these experiences and skills in many situations: help start successful ongoing organizations, participate in important intellectual traditions and products, facilitate the launch and initial stages of exciting new businesses, and—most importantly—have fun. You can find some of my (mostly personal) projects on the active and retired projects pages of this site.

I also have a rewarding and evolving professional life. I’ve presented original research at more than a dozen conferences on topics including social movements, independence movements, political economy, finance, data management and collection, and analytical workflow best practices, been an editor, analyst, and online strategist for financial services companies, served as a risk/security analyst for various consulting companies, and serve as deployment lead for full-lifecycle software-development projects at a few fantastic and challenging software companies. Substantively, I’ve worked on projects that allowed me to propose, implement, and iterate on creative solutions to complex problems.

To continue to focus on this create + iterate formula, I founded my own company GNT LLC, a risk-analysis and data-science firm that provides analytical and technical services to the public and private sectors. GNT’s work ranges from delivering analytical products to training teams of analysts in areas such as modeling and data collection/management to consulting corporate IT departments on analytical and data-management platforms to providing analyst-oriented interface and feature feedback on development projects, including implementing and managing software projects. Our Clients range from small startups aiming to stabilize and build upon existing business to established medium-sized companies looking for new efficiencies to large companies in need of due-diligence and security analysis.

Our success is a testament to my colleagues’ willingness to test new ideas, ability to implement the ones that work, and the speed with which we learn from the ones that fell short. We’ve established entirely new operating procedures, generated/secured new multi-million dollar revenue streams and business areas, and identified previously unknown areas of risk for corporate partners.

In what time I have left, I enjoy, participate in, and contribute to area arts and opera organizations, as well as travel and read. Here’s to wishing for more than 24 hours in a day.