Gin and Movies

(13) Hopscotch
Kendig : Yours was gin and ginger ale, right?
von Schonenberg : Mine was never gin and ginger ale. Montrochet ’69, right next to the beer.

Album Reviews

Bugs in the Attic – Essential Mix [20041024]
Lingua Ignota – Caligula

Grand Ole Party – Humanimals
Grand Ole Party – Under Our Skin
Bugz in the Attic – Got the Bug: The Bugsz in the Attic Remixes Collection
Bukem, LTJ – Dreamscape 7
Chandra, Sheila – Nada Brahma
Kelela – Take Me Apart
Kelela – Hallucinogen

Bukem, LTJ – Rebirth, The
Chemical Brothers, The – Live at the Social, Volume 1
Chemical Brothers, The – Come with Us
Chandra, Sheila – ABoneCroneDrone

Capital K – Island Row
Capital K – Roadeater EP
Chakra and Edi Mis – Promised Land, The


Things I Learned this Week

* Other than royal palaces, there are no houses in London that are still owned by their 18th or 19th century families. (Courtesy: Clive Aslet/New Criterion)

* Sesame Street has a venture arm to fund and facilitate start ups.

* The recommended servicing amount of a pickle spear is less than a spear. (Courtesy: Personal experience)