Things I Learned this Week

* There is a Porsche camper van. (Courtesy: Monterey Car Week)

* Conan chewed gum during his first Late Night show. (Courtesy: Team Coco)

* School lunch programs started, at least partially, to ensure enough healthy young men were available for the military. (Courtesy: Dave Philipps/NYT)

Gin and Movies

(11) Illicit:
Dick: What do you want?
George: Oh so some gin, a bottle of scotch, oh and a little bottle of that rye. You better put in one of those cognacs, too.

(12) Thin Man
Nick: Hello, baby.
Nora: (indicating the dog) He’s dragged me into every gin mill on the block.
Nick: I had him out this morning.
Nora: I thought so. He even tried to drag me into the gentlemen’s —

Album Reviews



Bones, Frankie – Live at Dunno
Bonobo – Sweetness
Bonobo – One Offs, Remixes, and B Sides
BoulderDash – We never went to Koxut Island
Bowery Electric – Beat
Brown, Terry Lee, Junior – Live HR3 XXL Clubnight [20000902]

Bonham, Jerry – Spundae Presents Interpretations II
Talk Talk – Spirit of Eden

Bookmobile – Keys
Boom Bip – Blue Eyed in the Red Room

Brown, Scott – Bonkers X