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Things I Learned this Week

Among the things I learned this week:
* Everyone knows a graphic designer. No one knows Web devs, SEs, or analysts. (Courtesy: Personal experience)

* North Korea is recalling calendars due to problematic dates and important information that is missing. Centrally-planned and distributed calendars strike me as highly problematic and a topic worthy of a dissertation. (Courtesy: North Korea Economy Watch)

* LBJ’s difficult and complicated position before, during, and immediately after JFK’s death. (Courtesy: The New Yorker)

* Verizon has a sense of humor:

It wasn’t all protest and lulz, however.

(Courtesy: Verizon’s 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report)

* Accredited investors include people with incomes of $300,000 or more (I knew the $1m in non-home assets part). (Courtesy: Washington Examiner)

* One reason to have car doors that pivot from the seat side (rather than foot area side) is to make it easier for women in heels to get out of the car. (Courtesy: NYT)

Things I Learned This Week

Among the things I learned this week:
* Spotify doesn’t allow you to hide your existence/profile. (Courtesy: Spotify)

* North Korea had its first Ultimate Frisbee tournament. (Courtesy: North Korea Economy Watch)

* Google Alerts doesn’t work with filetype searches. (Courtesy: Google Alerts)

* The United States and Canada prohibit gay men donating blood, and a host of other countries have behavioral restrictions on whether a gay man can donate blood. (Courtesy: NYT).