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Things I Learned This Week

Among the things I learned this week:
* Spotify doesn’t allow you to hide your existence/profile. (Courtesy: Spotify)

* North Korea had its first Ultimate Frisbee tournament. (Courtesy: North Korea Economy Watch)

* Google Alerts doesn’t work with filetype searches. (Courtesy: Google Alerts)

* The United States and Canada prohibit gay men donating blood, and a host of other countries have behavioral restrictions on whether a gay man can donate blood. (Courtesy: NYT).

Things I Learned this Week

Among the things I learned this week:

* A significant number of music videos from Russian artists have Soviet- or tsarist-era imagery and symbolism. (Courtesy: Music Box)

* I live as well (better, really) as Kim Jong Il, based on the brands of “luxury” goods he has imported. (Courtesy: North Korean Economy Watch)

* Jazz, or at least open jazz clubs, do not exist in Athens during the summer. (Courtesy: Athens)

* Pigeon houses (for more, see this description and this photo) are a serious deal in Tinos and directly connected to its arts/sculpture tradition. (Courtesy: Tinos)

* Bootlegging in the US is often dominated by immigrant populations. I suspect this is because of the high capital costs of creating a legal distillery and emigres’ limited access to capital and credit. (Courtesy: NYT)