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Things I Learned this Week

Among the things I learned this week:
* Sydney Chaplin, whose accomplishments include negotiating Charlie’s major contracts, speaking film’s first talkie word (“coffee”), and founding the first private US airline (which he closed because of the burden of government regulations, such as requiring pilots have licenses). (Courtesy: A Dog’s Life)

* Antam Sanskar and Sikh services. (Courtesy: MV)

* Crore, lakh, and the Indian numbering system. (Courtesy: India This Week)

* Apollo 10, the full dry run for Apollo 11’s moon landing, didn’t include enough fuel in the lander’s tanks to return home. NASA wanted to mitigate the astronaut’s desire to execute the final lander steps in order to the be the first people on the moon. (Courtesy: TechCrunch)

My Insurance Company Believes In The Metric Year, Almost And Kind Of

My car insurance company sent some notice–I think the notice was to say I earned some special rinky-dink discount for my good driving, yes good driving–and I noticed that one of the (new?) billing options is “Monthly”. The description of this “Monthly” billing plan is as follows:

Pay one-ninth of your premium by the policy’s effective date. Eight more installments will be due in 30-day intervals.

At least they have a good grasp on proper use of hyphens.