Things I Learned this Week

Among the things I learned this week:
* Brewery counts during the years. (Courtesy: Bloomberg Brief Reserve)

Number of breweries per year.

Number of breweries per year.

* Potatoes will allow us to colonize Mars. (Courtesy: Ryan Dube/WSJ)

* Prive Porter, its focus, its sales channels, and its thoughts on Chanel. (Courtesy: Christina Binkley/WSJ)

A reseller specializing in Hermès handbags, Privé Porter is on track to sell $24 million of the purses this year, Mr. Berk says. About 90% of his inventory is sold via Instagram, and 60% goes to Asian and Middle Eastern customers.

There is a reason he deals almost exclusively in Hermès. It is the brand most likely to command investment-worthy obsessions. In his experience, “no one is kicking down the door for Chanel,” Mr. Berk says.

* Noma‘s head chef Rene Redzepi made a gin flavored with ants. (Courtesy: Alice Lascelles/FT)