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Things I Learned this Week

Among the things I learned this week:
* There are 500 demonstrations per day in China. (Courtesy: New York Review of Books)

* The Chinese pioneered goldfish. (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

* There’s no obvious way to get around the new USPS requirement to enter a destination address into a computer system to mail a package. (Courtesy: Personal experience)

* At least some USPS employees deny the existence of the Mail Isolation and Tracking system. (Courtesy: Personal experience)

Interesting Data: Address Change Cards

Sometimes you cross already compiled (or almost compiled) data sets that would be interesting to work with, even if you do not have an existing research project. An example of this I recently came across is address change cards.

I stumbled upon it while reading the “Noted” column in The Week, one of my new favorite magazines and the pedestrian (in a good way!) version of The Economist. In the current issue, one of the entries is this:

“Of the 325,000 households that have filed an address change as a result of Hurricane Katrina, 59 percent have remained within a day’s drive, or 300 miles, from their homes. Only 13 percent moved outside the Gulf states. “Los Angeles Times

If you know of research using address change data, let me know; I am interested in seeing what they have been used for. Also, if you know what restrictions are in place that might limit usage, leave a comment.