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MySpace.com Backlash

I meant to post a note about the backlash against MySpace.com, which I have written about before, in early February but I forgot. Wired, however, has not, and they include an article about the backlash and a guide for parents.

While in Orlando, I heard on CNBC that MySpace.com subscriber growth was 165,000+ per month, and growing significantly. I am defintely bullish on MySpace.com, but I have not seen “active account” numbers reported. For every new band that is created, who knows how many break up, die, or some other way go inactive. And with non-music people joining MySpace.com, how often is everyone active? Inactivity will probably increase, as the buzz dies around the community; how does this impact growth numbers, account numbers, and News Corp’s bottom line?

The same CNBC report, as well as reports elsewhere, began noting parental concerns of the social networking community. While I suspect it is probably one parent in the Midwest who is concerned, the backlash is interesting in that it represent a shift from MySpace.com being on the edge of US culture to being having a more central position; after all, if parents and the mainstream media know about it and report on Web site regularly, it must be well known.

Another sign of MySpace.com’s significance appeared as part of a conversation I had with a friend (KP). He mentioned that, through MySpace.com, he had re-established contact with a friend from a long time ago. That friend now lives in the same city/town/area I do. I mentioned that he should pass on my e-mail address, as there aren’t many young people in the area, and it would be nice to have someone with whom to grab coffee. He told me my best bet would be to create a MySpace.com account, because using its IM features comes off as less weird/stalky then passing a phone number or e-mail address. Reminds me of the comment about Korea’s equivalent to MySpace.com.

What the Kids are up to on MySpace

From the always excellent This Month In Grime by Martin Clark/Blackdown:

Flow Dan’s also been in the wars this month, in an exchange with former Roll Deep MC, Trim. The source of the beef isn’t clear, but how it’s being played out is more notable. Obviously there’s been some amiable clashing on pirate radio (, naturally) but the majority of the exchanges have been via MySpace-posted “talking dubs.”

Talking dubs are a phenomenon where MCing is abandoned for straight conversation. While these can be useful for crew members who don’t MC, ie DJs and producers, to defend themselves, it’s a little odd for people as lyrically skilled as Trim and Flow Dan to be abandoning bars, but it serves a purpose. When he appeared on Kiss, Logan reminded listeners that Flow Dan had been using the ‘talking’ approach as far back as 2003, when doing his version of Wiley’s seminal “Ice Rink” riddim. Sometimes it seems, the urge to merk a rival overrides everything, even the will to MC.

Unrelated to this, but related to the constant Jason-target MySpace, I was at a Velvet Lounge hip hop show many months ago (20070225) and heard some great MySpace-related quotes by the various MCs:

They phishing my shit yesterday on MySpace!

MySpace is about to crash!