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Things I Learned this Week

Among the things I learned this week:
* My Mom does not know my Dad’s email address. (Courtesy: Mom)

* Justice Thomas’ pro-anonymous free-speech position. (Courtesy: NYer)

* Twin Cities Review of Political Philosophy, a student-run political philosophy journal, made its debut. (Courtesy: SD)

* The Welcome to Detroit project has re-started, and it could be very good. (Courtesy: Ursprung Collective)

Art: Guggenheim’s “Russia!” Exhibit

In early January, I went to New York with my mom for two days to visit museums. One of the days I visited the Guggenheim’s “Russia!” exhibit. Unfortunately, they did not have many postcards or affordable prints of the pieces I liked most, so I thought I would post the images I could find online here, mainly for myself.

Brodsky's Portrait of Lenin
Isaak Brodsky’s portrait of Lenin (“VI Lenin in Smolney”?)

Sokov's The Meeting of Two Sculptures
Leonid Sokov’s “The Meeting Of Two Sculptures”

Update: I should add that these images were found through Image.Google.