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The title is a reference to a museum in Brussels, where I recently visited. I failed in both visiting the museum and taking a photo of the museum’s numerous signs (although maybe ZS can come through for me on the latter).

In any event, during my trip I visited several art museums, some of which had significant collections of religious-related works. Many of these are beautiful and impressive, but I began thinking about how/why science seems to be so uninspiring and yields few works of art, or a creative movement dedicated to it.

While thinking about this, I came to feel foolish for not recognizing everything around us, all of which is a result of (some degree of) the scientific method. This includes planes, trains, and automobiles, as well as the materials, processes, and preservation of the religious artwork I saw during my trip (Note: The NGA also has an excellent collection of religious artwork).

At the same time, I felt that science deserved works that fit within the traditionally conceived framework of art. And, in Brussels, I found it: Atomium.