Demolition Derby: Mod Session 5

We’re done! This fifth mod session was the last one, and we finished everything. Now to worry about everything else…

Today’s work was simple, allowing for coffee, beer, and chill-out time. Among the things we worked on and finished:

(1) Draining the coolant system and replacing it with water.
(2) Snipping some loose wires.
(3) Cleaning remaining glass.
(4) Removing the hubcaps and wheel weights (thanks CC!).
(5) Applying additional coats of paint to corporate partner logos.
(6) RP and PF adding their own pieces to the contributors-only roof.

And, of course, we buzzed around the neighborhood.

With the mod sessions behind us, the effort focuses on:
(1) Streaming the derby to the Web (PMS w/ the assist).
(2) Towing the car to the derby (JV w/ the assist).
(3) The pre-event party (Palantir Technologies providing the pizza!).

Each of these items are doable, it’s just a matter of turning the focus to them and finishing them.

Thanks again for the awesome help provided by RP and PF!