Demolition Derby: Mod Session 3

The third demolition derby modification session was a slow but steady success, as we knocked out a few to-do items and made it easy to finish a few others in the next session. Thanks to both RP and PF for their brains and brawn.

The Battery
Finally, the battery requirements can be scratched off our to-do list! Although we had a few hiccups, we mounted the battery box to the floorboard and put in the battery. There are no more battery-related requirements.

Remove Front Header Panels
The rules require that the front header panels be removed, which we interpreted to mean remove all the header panels. It took us some time, but the process was relatively straightforward and manageable. In the end, we learned that drivers of Honda Accords are protected by Styrofoam. And now I’m not even protected by that.

Chain Everything Down
In order to secure the hood, trunk, and doors–as the rules possibly require, depending on one’s interpretation of the poorly written list–we had to remove the header panels. Once we finished that, we were able to identify the holes through which the wire and chains will run and exactly how we will do it. Unfortunately, my drill’s battery decided to die a permanent death and we weren’t able to finish the job. We did, however, identify where the holes will be, and I’ll drill them as soon as I buy a new drill (another Amazing Prime purchase, here I come!).

In addition, we chained down the engine mount.

Next steps:
(1) Jason buy a new drill.
(2) Jason drills and deburrs the holes that will be used to run the chain and wire.
(3) Jason buy the bolts and nuts we will use to secure the chain and wire.
(4) Jason measure and cut the wire for the securing.
(5) At the next mod session, we determine when each point will be secured (we still need access to certain areas and inspectors must check the hood and trunk before securing those areas).
(6) Remove the hood latch, as required by the rules, once appropriate.

The Agenda for before the Next Mod Session
(1) Jason take care of all relevant to-do items for securing the various parts of the car.
(2) Jason continue to research the gas tank dilemma.

The Agenda for the Next Mod Session
(1) Assess and finalize the securing of various parts of the car, which may include leaving some parts unsecured until day of. This includes dealing with the hood latch.
(2) Remove windows.
(3) Reinforce the driver’s and front passenger’s doors.
(4) Determine timeline for flushing the various systems and filling them with water (e.g., radiator and cooling system).
(5) Gas tank decisions.