Capitalist Times: Take Your Head Out of the Cloud

The most recent issue of Capitalist Times Premium has my latest article, Take Your Head Out of the Cloud. The piece reviews the evolution of the cloud environment and identifies a corresponding stock investment opportunity due to a market overcorrection.

On the one hand, there’s the public cloud, where a company’s data is stored and computing run by a third-party company at another site. On the other hand, there’s the private cloud, which is the new name for a company buying, running, and using its own data centers with its own staff.

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid: Companies still do this, and they do it a lot. Analysts at JPMorgan & Chase (NYSE: JPM) estimate that only 5 percent of current data center spending is for the public cloud.

In the past, several cloud providers have tried to win the massive private cloud market by shoving their capabilities into other people’s data centers. This hasn’t worked too well, with Azure and Oracle’s Corp’s (NYSE: ORCL) now quietly hushed-away efforts being the most visible ones.

I also wrote an October update article for CTP‘s model portfolio that focused on recent tech M&A activity.