Things I Learned this Week

Among the things I learned this week:
* Sydney Chaplin, whose accomplishments include negotiating Charlie’s major contracts, speaking film’s first talkie word (“coffee”), and founding the first private US airline (which he closed because of the burden of government regulations, such as requiring pilots of have licenses). (Courtesy: A Dog’s Life)

* Antam Sanskar and Sikh services. (Courtesy: MV)

* Crore, lakh, and the Indian numbering system. (Courtesy: India This Week)

* Apollo 10, the full dry run for Apollo 11’s moon landing, didn’t include enough fuel in the lander’s tanks to return home. NASA wanted to mitigate the astronaut’s desire to execute the final lander steps in order to the be the first people on the moon. (Courtesy: TechCrunch)

Things I Learned this Week

Among the things I learned this week:
* Historically, New England Roast meant a light roasted coffee. (Courtesy: Coffee Review)

* Starting with World War I and then because of the revolution, scientific research journals didn’t reach Russia again until 1921. (Courtesy: Ron Cowen’s Gravity’s Century).

* Bitflipping due to extraterrestrial causes. (Courtesy: ZS)

Album Reviews


Negro, Helado – This is How You Smile

Backdraft – Live on Annie Nightingale Show [20040111]
Luthorist – Hueco Mundo
Keszler, Eli – Empire
Basinski, William – River, The
Battles – B EP
Battles – EP C
Battles – Tras

Babalu – Ultra Wide Band Meets the Mighty Babalu, Pt 2
Bad Boy Bill – Live at How Sweet It Is [2000]
Bad Company UK – Digital Nation
Bad Religion – Process of Belief, The
Sada Baby – Bartier Bounty
Badawi – Clones and False Prophets
Badawi – Soldier of Midian
Badmarsh and Shri – Signs
Basinski, William – Watermusic II
Beef Terminal – Grey Knowledge, The
Begg, Si – Commuter World
Beneath Autumn Sky – EnkiDuMono

B Tribe – Spiritual Spiritual
Bad Boy Bill – Hotmix 9
Banco de Gaia – Last Train to Lhasa
Banco de Gaia – Maya
Basque – Falling Forward
Baxter – Promo EP
Bees, The – Free the Bees