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Bonde do Role, Plastic Little, and Edie Sedgwick at Black Cat (20070911)

I came for Edie Sedgwick and left for Bonde do Role. I had never heard Edie Sedgwick before, but was lured in by the drummer who is also in S PRCSS and Antelope. Turns out that, this iteration at least, Edie Sedgwick had Jason Hutto of The Aquarium playing keys. They sounded a little rough, but excellent–very tricky tempos.

I had seen Bonde do Role before, and paid the price with a headache. At least one friend suffered the same fate, despite my warning. You might be too cool for school, but I’m too cool for bands who can’t respect a sound system.

Pash, Exit Clov, and Carol Bui at Black Cat Mainstage (20070831)

I came for Carol Bui, but missed her as I usually do when she opens (stop opening!).

The noteworthiest part of this show is the continued climb of tired sounds. Both Pash and Exit Clov excel at sounding like standard mid- to late 1990s college-radio female-lead bands. I have no idea why this trend is happening, and why it attracts such a crowd. In any event, the lead singer of Pash has a great voice–kind of the female equivalent of the lead singer of Convertible Jennifers (MD). I should note that I enjoyed Pash’s latest album enough.