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About Jason

Jason R. Koepke is Founder and Data Strategist at GNT LLC, a risk-analysis and data strategy firm that provides analytical and technical services to the public and private sectors. His work and research has been featured in the academic, financial, and technical industries.

Gin and Movies

(8) The Third Man
Major Calloway: It wasn’t the German gin.

(9) Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Arthur: Did you go out last night?
Aunt Ada: Yeah, we went to Silent Fox. And, oh dear, I had so many gins I thought I’d never get home.
Arthur: Well as long as you had a good time.

Things I Learned this Week

Among the things I learned this week:
* Parents are spending more time with their kids these days. (Courtesy: The Economist)

* NCAA football championships are less diverse program wise than its basketball counterpart. In the 16 playoff spots since NCAA football moved to a playoff system, nine programs participated. There have been 13 programs in basketball’s equivalent. (Courtesy: Marc Tracy/NYT)

Album Reviews



Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso UFO – In C
Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso UFO – Univers Zen ou de Zero a Zero
Air – Premiers Stymptomes
AK1200 and MC Navigator – Moonshine Overamerica Tour, San Francisco
AK1200, Dara, Dieselboy, and MC Dub2 – Live at Proper [20000422]
Album Leaf, The – In a Safe Place
Alpha – Pepper
Alvarado, David – United DJs Of America, Volume 15
Animals on Wheels – Nuvol I Cadira
Anti-Pop Consortium – Shopping Carts Crashing
Arovane – Arovane EP
Arovane – Atol Scrap
Arovane – City Centre Offices Single
Arovane – Icol Diston
Asian Dub Foundation – Tank
Astral Projection – Live at Hyperstate [1998]
Atkins, Juan – Legends, Volume 1
Autechre – Peel Sessions
Atmos – 2nd Brigade

Acquaviva, John – Cream
Acquaviva, John – Transmissions, Volume 01
Akufen – Fabric 17
Alanis, Angel – Live at Full Spectrum
Alanis, Angel – Subconscious State of Techno, The
Album Leaf, The and On Air Library – Lifetime or More, A
Alpha – Impossible Thrill, The
Apes, The – Street Warz
Appleseed Cast, The – Mare Vitalis
Armstrong, Craig – As if to Nothing
Arovane and Phonem – Aer
Astral Projection vs MFG – Nintrance

Acosta, George – Awake
Aphrodite – Urban DnB
Art of Noise, The – Seduction of Claude Debussy, The
Astralasia – Seven Pointed Star, The
Astralasia – Something Somewhere

Acosta, George – Members of X
Archer, Tasmin – Great Expectations
At the Drive In – Relationship of Command
ATB – Dedicated