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About Jason

Jason R. Koepke is Founder and Data Strategist at GNT LLC, a risk-analysis and data strategy firm that provides analytical and technical services to the public and private sectors. His work and research has been featured in the academic, financial, and technical industries.

Things I Learned this Week

* There is a Porsche camper van. (Courtesy: Monterey Car Week)

* Conan chewed gum during his first Late Night show. (Courtesy: Team Coco)

* School lunch programs started, at least partially, to ensure enough healthy young men were available for the military. (Courtesy: Dave Philipps/NYT)

Gin and Movies

(11) Illicit:
Dick: What do you want?
George: Oh so some gin, a bottle of scotch, oh and a little bottle of that rye. You better put in one of those cognacs, too.

(12) Thin Man
Nick: Hello, baby.
Nora: (indicating the dog) He’s dragged me into every gin mill on the block.
Nick: I had him out this morning.
Nora: I thought so. He even tried to drag me into the gentlemen’s —

Album Reviews



Bones, Frankie – Live at Dunno
Bonobo – Sweetness
Bonobo – One Offs, Remixes, and B Sides
BoulderDash – We never went to Koxut Island
Bowery Electric – Beat
Brown, Terry Lee, Junior – Live HR3 XXL Clubnight [20000902]

Bonham, Jerry – Spundae Presents Interpretations II
Talk Talk – Spirit of Eden

Bookmobile – Keys
Boom Bip – Blue Eyed in the Red Room

Brown, Scott – Bonkers X